General Info  

General Information Arrival time on Monday: We do not serve lunch on Monday. The first activity is swim time for girls at 2:30. Departure on Friday: Camp officially ends Friday morning after devotions and breakfast (we also ask that your cabins be cleaned and your assigned jobs for the week be completed before leaving).

Camper Rules

We ask for all dress to be modest and appropriate; not to include pop culture references, vulgarity etc. Triple S reserves the right for our staff to ask anybody, at anytime, to go change for any reason.
Girls: All dresses, skirts and culottes should be knee length and loose fitting. Tops should have a high enough neckline to where no cleavage is shown at any time. No midriff when arms are raised. No shorts, pants, capris and sleeveless dresses or tops. If an item is sheer the clothing underneath should meet dress code. No undergarments should be visible at any time. No two-piece swimwear unless it meets in the middle (bikinis may be worn with a long dark shirt on top), and all private areas and midriff must be covered by swimwear. Camp approved clothing must be worn to and from the pool (no white shirts).
Boys: Must wear loose fitting pants and shirt at all times. No “skinny”or tight pants. Pants should be worn at the waist and not sagging…underwear or midriff should not be seen. No shorts except while swimming. You must wear pants and a shirt to and from the pool (no white shirts). We ask that boys not wear jewelry except for rings. If you wish to participate in the preacher boys session, please bring a collared shirt to wear and have hair cut off of the ears and collar.
Triple S has a no touch rule for members of the opposite sex that is to be maintained at all times. A male and female should never be alone or in an unlit area with each other at any time. Respect and purity should be shown to each other.
Parents, thank you for sending your child to Triple “S” Christian Ranch! We promise to do everything in our power to see that your child is safe and well cared for while they’re with us. Please make sure that your child understands and agrees to abide by all the rules while at Triple S. The breaking of camp rules can lead to your child being sent home at your expense. We love youth and want to help and teach them!

Payment Info

Church Registration: $75.00 per church.

Registration for any additional weeks will only be $25.00 but will require a second registration form for the appropriate week. These fees are non-refundable and only hold your groups spot until the March 1st individual pre-registration deadline.


Individual Pre-Registration: $15.00 per camper/counselor. The $15.00 deposit will be applied to the personal tuition of

$140.00 for each camper or counselor, owing only $125.00 upon arrival.
***This fee is non-refundable and must accompany your final registration form by March 1st. If paid after March 1st, the cost per person will go up to $150!***

A Personal Registration form is required by every person in attendance, even those that are free!


Underage Campers: Full Price

Our camper age is 9-19yrs. If you have any questions please call in advance to avoid unexpected cost. We discourage bringing small children if at all possible and they are only permitted to come if they are accompanied by a parent/guardian. All underage campers that are 2+ years must stay in their group’s cabin of the same sex, with their parent/guardian.


Incorrect Estimation Charge:

If the final estimation is off by more than 5 (over or under) you will be charged $15.00 per extra camper/counselor over and $25 under the 5 person allowance. We plan meals and lodging according to estimated totals and turn away churches when the week is full. If the estimations are close, that week will be more enjoyable for everyone and not over-crowded or unnecessarily low.


Tuition Discounts:

Families with three or more immediate family members attending camp save $10.00 on the third family member and thereafter. The first two are full price.


Tuition Free: 

1. Registered Church’s Pastor and Pastor’sWife
2. Every 15 paying Campers/Counselors = 1 Free Camper/Counselor

• We offer a free camper or counselor for every 15 paying tuitions.