Dear Pastors and Youth Pastors,


            I wanted to get an update to you concerning camp in the upcoming weeks. We are doing all that we can do to ensure that we are still able to have camp in some way, shape, or form. As of right now, it looks like we are going to be able to have camp this summer! There are some obvious hoops we are going to have to jump thru, and extra guidelines and precautions that we will need to implement to do our best to ensure safety for everyone (which is our biggest concern). We have guidelines set by our elected officials that we will need to adhere to. I know that there are people on all sides of the spectrum about what’s reasonable, and what’s not as far as government mandates and such. However, we are choosing to not get into a debate about this and instead are simply saying things are different right now and therefore we will adapt in order to have camp. Some extra steps that are having to be taken this summer:

  • Each Individual’s temperature will need to be taken and recorded on their registration paper before they board your bus/vehicles, and after they arrive on the property (before de-boarding). Anyone arriving with a fever will be quarantined and sent home.

  • Everyone will be in their cabins with only their group.

  • We have been given a half-capacity guideline by the state so it is very important to let us know an updated number of how many your group will be bringing as soon as possible! (More on that posted below)

  • We will practice social distancing in our seating at meals and services (sitting with groups), and in snack/meal lines, etc. 

  • We will have extra hand washing stations and hand sanitizer stations put in place in high traffic areas as advised by our state officials.

  • As of now, the pool will, unfortunately, be closed per state guidelines, however, we are anticipating that possibly changing. But either way, we still plan to have some great water activities planned!

I know that these things are going to make camp look a bit differently than it usually is but we are working very hard to have new activities and games that we can have a blast with and make the best out of the current situation without breaking state and health guidelines.


Getting our numbers down to the suggested capacity has been a very tough decision for all of us here at Triple S Christian Ranch…We always want everyone that can to come and enjoy camp!....but there are decisions that we are having to make in these difficult times to try to cut our numbers from approximately 500 capacity/week to around 250/week.

Here is what our summer is looking like as of now,  and what we need your help with:

  • The June 1-5  Teen Week will be moved to July 13th. Dr. Pope is working with us to make this schedule change.

  • We are adding an extra combo week on July 28th with Randy Dignan if any churches would rather reschedule out of their original week to this week please let us know as soon as possible.

  • We have been working hard to try to contact all of our registered churches. It would help us a lot though if you could contact us through e-mail/text/phone as soon as possible to help us gather more information in a more timely manner. If you are still planning on keeping your group reservation please let us know your updated estimation as soon as possible. If it’s looking like you are needing to cancel or make any schedule changes please contact us with that information as soon as possible as well. This is crucial in our planning.

We’re all having to be flexible, but that’s ok! We will contact you with any changes due to mandates and government restrictions right away. I am so sorry for any disruption this is causing. We sure love young people and want to help them all that we can.


Just remember that in all of this, we want above all, for the Lord to be glorified and honored by our actions so that many souls can be saved and hearts turned back to the Lord!


                                                                                                                      Please call if you have any questions!

                                                                                                                      We appreciate you!

                                                                                                                      Luke A. Bishop



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Founded in 1975 by John and Donna Bishop, Triple S adopted the mission of reaching kids and teens with the gospel of Jesus Christ, all while providing an unforgettable camp experience. We strive to help parents and churches give their children a week of amazing fun while teaching the principles of God's Word. 




Please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as we can.

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